Steel Ice & Stone

Steel Ice & Stone is a sound and image installation. It consists of nine large photographs of pieces of steel, ice and stone and sensor-triggered sounds that vary according to the presence of viewers in the exhibition space. The images and sound create an interactive environment.

I began work on Steel Ice & Stone as a “chapter” of a larger work. As I photographed the objects, the piece took on a life of its own and my commitment changed to create an independent installation. My previous installation, See My Voice, contained spoken word sound bites accompanying each piece—photographs of people’s faces. In Steel Ice & Stone, the images are abstract; therefore the sound too, will be abstract.

Since the pieces hang from the ceiling rather than on a wall, new sound and interactivity considerations are needed. The sound will be ambient yet low-key. The different sounds playing simultaneously create the possibility of a varying sound composition depending on the number and location of viewers in the room.

I set out to collect different sounds and see which ones could both fit the images and interact well with one another as viewers weave their way around the exhibition space. Many are of diesel engines in their idle state, others, bird calls. The sound track is under development.

The union of the elements culminate into the interactive environment: The viewers walk through the installation creating the sound composition. The photography, sound and electronics create an environment that responds only to the presence of the viewers and at no other time.

Below are three of the nine pieces at the Brooklyn Waterfront Galleries, 2010.